History of Ciudad Blanca Bilingual College

The origins of our educational center go back to 1977 when Mr. William Tabor created the Ciudad Blanca Bilingual College, born as a response to a need to provide children and young people with a bilingual education based on Christian values.
At the end of 2003, Don William decided to buy the Ciudad Blanca Bilingual School. His enthusiasm and interest consisted in offering a level of educational excellence to the Liberian population and its surroundings, a dream that later became a reality, because with the same tenacity, perseverance, discipline and trust in God, with which he had managed to make A prestigious institution in Heredia, would also achieve this in our Guanacaste region.

Back then, we all believed in the proposal and fell in love with the Vision and Mission to educate that Don Bill had constituted. So we can say that our commitment as an institution is to teach with joy and to have students who love God, justice, truth and honesty.

Instilling values, creating leaders!

Main goal

Our goal as a school is that the student population to obtain a comprehensive education such as bio-psycho-social, so that parental support is unconditional and mothers to their children, encouraging them practice values as solidarity and respect, in this way, promote a harmonious environment with teachers and their peers. Our commitment as an institution is to teach with joy and to have students who love God, justice, truth and honesty.


Colegio Bilingüe Ciudad Blanca's mission is to provide students with Christian values and academic foundations that allow them to achieve their spiritual growth and intellectual development in a high-quality curriculum at the Costa Rica and International level, we have disciplinary and academic regulations governed by MEP guidelines and policies.

CBCB is an academic institution with the highest quality indices; where students can become fully bilingual individuals; They will receive education with firm limits and with love, with an individualized treatment for each one of them to thereby make them future and great professionals.


Colegio Bilingüe Ciudad Blanca's vision is to cultivate values, correct academic learning, command of the English language as a second language, discipline, intellectual and sports development.


The academic offer that CBCB offers is innovative where students are allowed to develop different skills guided by trained teachers to promote academic projects.


The Ciudad Blanca Bilingual College is characterized by promoting and cultivating values ​​in each of its students, they also highlight values ​​such as responsibility, kindness, respect, solidarity and the most important to love and companionship because we are all the great CBCB Family.